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ummmMm but u r like…a huge wiener too…tbh….

you r the biggest wiener of all time tbh

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Anonymous: Chelsea fans are the cancer of this football fandom, including you


sorry but im actually a Leo

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Cesc Fabregas: Exclusive First Interview

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”the beautiful game”

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2014/15 Barclays Premier League: the teams.

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1954, 1974, 1990, 2014!

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Young World Cup fans

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marco reus + facial expressions

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the beautiful game, they call it, where twenty-two men and a ball entertain millions. from the first blow of the wistle, inumerous people watch patiently cheering for their club, the differences are forgotten, rivals or not, they’re all together for the same reason. a sport where some’s happiness is someone else’s sadness. they also call it football. // {inspiration}

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i’m gonna start using this line

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Mustafi Dancing to the winning beat

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David Luiz + shirtless (◕‿◕✿).

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